Day 479- The world at Siege

by Nafo Media Desk

The world as we knew it has ceased to exist. Humanity has been grappling to adapt, adjust and win the battle against the Corona Virus. Seems like an extract straight out of a science fiction novel. Never had anyone imagined that we would be living this nightmare.

The virus added new words like pandemic, isolation and quarantine to our otherwise ordinary vocabulary.

Life has changed and with it our perception of almost everything under the sun.

No longer do we look enviously at someone who has the latest gadgets, but a selfie of a person at the beach with the sun kissing their face, wind in their hair and water at their feet… is to die for. A radiant smile on the face of a new mother who has the luxury of not wearing a mask while feeding her new born…taking in a breath of fresh air from our balcony or window, meeting friends even if we have to maintain a 2m distance are all on the top of our list of blessings. The very same blessings that we took for granted when life was normal a year back…  it seems like a decade now. 

We as a race have realized what true blessings of life are… boarding a plane and flying to meet our parents who are our lifeline, and our sole reason for existence…our kids going to school, meeting their friends and getting tired after a day of playing out in the sun, being able to work from home or from office, unfortunately for many of us some of these otherwise normal, mundane things are a faraway dream since the onset of the virus.

The pandemic has taught us valuable life lessons, to live life to the fullest, to live each day unapologetically by embracing nature and connecting with other fellow beings that is what life truly is.

Many of us are spiritually oriented and have been brought up to believe in the supreme power, a guiding force. This pandemic has brought us closer to our values and beliefs. This spiritual connection helps us navigate through these trying times. We are repeatedly told to look at the brighter side, count our blessings and to wait for better times. Moreover, we have learnt to be resilient and to be unified in the cause and fight the battle, with a belief that everything is going to get better soon.

Let us believe in the saying that “When you face difficult times, know that challenges are not sent to destroy you. They are sent to promote, increase and strengthen you”.


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