General Secretary’s Message

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General Secretary’s Message

Dear NAFO members

I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to all NAFO ABEC members for nominating me as General Secretary for a two year term effective Jan 2021.  I feel privileged to be part of NAFO family during its journey in the last 16 years.

Over the years NAFO has grown tremendously and presently holds a significant position among the various expatriate associations in Kuwait. Thanks to our predecessors for their hard work, their vision and the objectives they have set that helped to provide a wealth of opportunities for its members to participate in social, cultural, sporting and other educational activities in addition to an array of community welfare events. 

I assure you, our executive team will work towards taking NAFO to new heights as has always been, by adding glory to NAFO by the quality of programs it has organized over the past years. 

I look forward for your continued support in conducting all the events which we are planning and to execute them successfully within the pandemic protocols and government controls.

My priority will remain to uphold NAFO’s objective to support the underprivileged members of our community in Education, medical, marriage and promoting Indian cultural values.

Thank you 

Vijay Menon

General Secretary

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